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CDF Kids Show • WonderTwins

Billy & Bobby McClain started dancing at the age of 8. The childhood beginnings started as they would imitate a weekly dance show called "Soul Train" and by 9 years old they were doing their "WonderTwins show" for family events such as cookouts and barbecues. At 10 years old they won their first dance competition which was judged by the legendary rapper KURTIS BLOW. Later that year Billy and Bobby were recruited to join the first professional street dance crew "The Funk Affects". A group that influenced and were very inspirational to the early success of new edition and new kids on the block. They spent 7 yrs with the company gaining recognition by opening up concerts for big names like Run DMC, LL Cool J to name a few. In their early teens they were giving monthly hour long shows for the community with music by New Kids on the Block. They would later choreograph for New Kids on the Block's Magic Summer Tour and produce songs for them.

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